Socrates: A Man for Our TimesA brilliant portrait of the Greek philosopher who personified philosophy and shaped the way we fathom the notion of body and soul. Jesus: A Biography from a BelieverJesus’ teachings have inspired discussion, arguments, even war – and yet few have held forth as movingly on peace, forgiveness and mercy.

Humorists: From Hogarth to Noel CowardA diverse cast of legendary humorists, including Benjamin Franklin, the Marx Brothers, Dickens, W. C. Fields, William Hogarth and James Thurber

Brief LivesTwo hundred sketches of people Johnson has met as a writer: popes, presidents, prime ministers, painters, poets and playwrights.

HeroesJohnson approaches the topic of heroism with stirring examples of men and women from every age and walk of life who transformed their culture and the world.

CreatorsJohnson reviews a range of creative giants to uncover the nature of creativity itself.
George Washington: The Founding FatherA vivid portrait of the great man as young warrior, masterly commander-in-chief, patient Constitution maker, and exceptionally wise president.
NapoleonWritten with great wit and panache, this biography also has a serious purpose: to invite the reader to face up to the moral bankruptcy of Napoleon’s dictatorship.
The Vanished Landscape: A 1930s Childhood in the PotteriesJohnson’s memories of Tunstall, one of the six towns around Stoke-on-Trent that made up the Potteries. Recalls the eccentricities of grown-ups in an age before political correctness.
The RenaissanceThe profound evolution in European thought is credited with transforming the West from medieval to modern; reviving the city as the center of human activity; and, of course, producing the most astonishing outpouring of artistic creation. 
Art: A New HistoryThis narrative account, from the earliest cave paintings up to the present day, has new things to say about almost every period of art.
ChurchillApplies a wide lens to illuminate the various phases of Churchill’s career, from his adventures as a young cavalry officer serving the Empire to his role as an elder statesman.
The PapacyTo Catholics and non Catholics alike, the workings of the Vatican, together with its colourful history remain a source of fascination. How did this ‘monarchy’ arise? Who were the men who created it? A History of the American PeopleA reinterpretation of American history told in terms of the men and women who shaped and led the nation and the ordinary people who collectively created its unique character.
The quest for God - Paul Johnson The Quest for God: A Personal PilgrimageIn this challenging account of his feelings about God and religion, Johnson shares with others the strength and comfort of his faith. 
To Hell with Picasso & Other Essays: Selected Pieces from “The Spectator”A collection of essays liberally peppered with the highways and byways of the last thousand years of English history.
The HolocaustFrom Johnson’s critically acclaimed “A History of the Jews”, this extract recounts in terrible detail the story of the worst catastrophe to descend on the Jewish people.
Wake Up Britain – a Latter-day Pamphlet
The Birth of the Modern: World Society 1815-1830An extraordinary chronicle of the period that laid the foundations of the modern world. Pope John Paul II And The Catholic RestorationJohn Paul II’s formative years, and how his religious conviction gave new direction to the Catholic Church.
A History of the JewsA 4000-year history from the House of David until the 1980’s.
IntellectualsA fascinating portrait of the minds that have shaped the modern world.
The Oxford Book Of Political AnecdotesFrom Canute to Callaghan, the brilliance and flaws of British statesmen and politicians are recorded in this collection of over 300 stories.
Consolidated Gold Fields: A Centenary PortraitBy no means a conventional company history but rather an impression of a vigorous, living organism at one particular moment in its existence.
Modern Times: A History of the World from the 1920s to the 1980sA former New York Times “Best Book of the Year”, this history of the world since World War I assesses the scientific, economic, political, and philosophical forces that have shaped our lives
Ireland: A Concise History from the Twelfth Century to the Present DayFrom the first English presence in Ireland in the twelfth century, through siege, rebellion, and civil war, to Irish Ascendancy, Home Rule and the Troubles, Johnson tells the story of this remarkable island.
British Cathedrals
The Civilization of Ancient EgyptThis authoritative and splendidly illustrated  text re-creates the growth, decline, and legacy of 3,000 Years of Egyptian civilization.
Enemies of Society
A History of ChristianityFirst published in 1976, Paul Johnson’s exceptional study of Christianity has been loved and widely hailed for its intensive research, writing, and magnitude.
Civilizations of the Holy LandA survey of this complex corner of the world from 3000BC to the Crusades.
Pope John XXIIIExamines Pope John XXIII’s renewal of the Catholic Church through his successful organization of the Second Vatican Council.
The Life and Times of Edward III
The Highland JauntAn enormously entertaining book which will de­light and infuriate everyone with even a marginal interest in the Highlands.
Merrie England
Journey Into Chaos
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