Desert Island Discs BBC Radio 4  Jan 2012

Why America Will Stay on Top  The Wall Street Journal  March 2011

“After 70 You Begin to Mellow”  The Telegraph  June 2010

Winston Churchill, Distilled  The Wall Street Journal  December 2009

Great unsung hero of British journalism to be honoured by George Bush  Daily Mail  December 2006

George Bush Is the Next Thatcher  June 2004

An Empire for Liberty?  Uncommon Knowledge  July 2003

A Less Perfect Union?  Uncommon Knowledge  July 2003

On American Liberty  The Freeman  June 1996

The Robbie Lowe Interview  Trushare   May 1996

The 20th Century’s Assault on Morality and Family  Plain Truth magazine  1989



In Depth with Paul Johnson  C-SPAN2  February 2010

Interview Prager University  April 2010

Discussing A History of the American People Charlie Rose 1998


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